Our work

MISSION 10/40 is a private initiative approved by the Norwegian Union Conference Board of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. This initiative will give adventists in Norway the opportunity to contribute to the realization of mission projects within the 10/40 window.


When a project is fully financed, the collected means will be transferred from the Norwegian Union Conference (NORUC) to the Trans-European Division (TED). TED will then process the funds further to the Union within the 10/40 window in charge of the project. It is important that donors understand that all projects are developed by the official Adventist church on the union level.

The Board

Atle Fonn Aluwini
Director/Chairman of the Board

Kjell Aune
Member of the Board / Vice Chair of the Board

Jason Harral
Member of the Board

Birgit Philpsen
Member of the Board

Erik S. Iversen
Member of the Board

Roger Robertsen
Member of the Board

Johnas K. Singo
Member of the Board

Anne Iversen